I am a lyric soprano, studio business professional, arts collaborator, vocal & life coach and creative. My teaching philosophy begins with a natural, released breath, good produced speech and a free released sound.  Add classical, jazz, musical theater, worship and current popular repertoire to that and you can sing.  I have sung in choirs throughout the nation. Sung with jazz trios, concert and symphonic orchestras. And enjoyed teaching kids, teens and adults for 20+ years. I toured Japan, India, England and Italy with classes and choirs. I have designed a system of teaching that builds from where each student is at.  Adults, teens, and kids can enjoy self-confidence, self-understanding, vocal technique, and musicianship. Singing Informs our Lives by introducing self, fun, stress relief, self-discovery and singing to the understanding of a holistic life.

I inspire, support, and inform voice teachers as they assemble and grow an amazing voice studio and career as a studio business professional. Join me on Instagram, Voice & Song, and Facebook to learn more and get inspired each day. http://www.grohmusic.com

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