einsteinIn 2014 I started listening to Podcasts.  I wanted to step into a new thinking around business, creativity and other vocational possibilities.  I have narrowed my many podcast subscriptions to 2 favorites.

http://www.unmistakablecreative.com (with Srini Rao) & http://www.convergepodcast.com (with Dane Sanders).  What I like about these interviewers is that they ask open ended questions to their guests and everybody is OK.  The interviews are open ended conversation to inject direction, disruption and permission into my day.

The first Unmistakable Creative interview to kick off 2016 was with Philip Mckernan titled; How to Make this the Most Prosperous Year of Your Life.  Normally, I would skip right over a topic so sensational.  But because I know and trust these outlets, I clicked.  Not only was Philip disruptive for the audience, he disrupted the interviewer.  There are two ideas I want to offer.

“We give ourselves what we think we deserve.” & We ask people to help us but no one will tell us the truth…We already know the truth and we don’t want to see it.  I have been disrupted for days.  Maybe it is time for truth…which just might be a better view of myself and what I deserve.