crevasse everestToday, I am writing down my business plan for a 2nd adventure.  I have read many books and today I step over the great crevasse of fear to put my own words into the universe.  What a quiet thrill to see my future ignite before me.  Failure is possible….or not.  That is why I do it!
I share this because I know in business, fun, faith, music, life – we are all connected.  I need your encouragement and hope my ideas will encourage you.  Not encouragement in the form of a phone call or pat on the back.  But as an accountability.  If I post a goal out for all to see, I am starting the clock to make it work.  So here I go!

To follow a dream is to express myself.  I acknowledge the possibility of failure in its outcome but I don’t consider taking a leap of faith as failure.  If a project fails, stalls or succeeds, I count it all as a learning experience.  I do believe we need to feel the feelings of failure in order to understand our ability.  When I succeed, failure is still a central part of it.  It is my comparison, my reference. As I teach students to sing, I also let them know the risks, highs and lows.  But “risk” is another post topic.

Your work is not too much for you to handle.  Take it one step at a time.  Today, I began by finding the right pickaxe, the right latter and then I took 1 step after another.  That 1 step is success.


Recently I took on the chbook-pic.jpgallenge of understanding some financial concepts.  I am learning new vocabulary, the meaning between words and how theses new words are used and played. It hasn’t been easy.  While I feel I am entering a new world of hope – I am also cursing the thought that I was not taught these ideas before.  Then I vaguely remember my father trying to show me some things – but I was not interested.  And therefore, a vale to any financial insight.  Now, I am discovering for myself the value of this information and how it will enrich my life.

Choosing to learn a new idea as an adult can be both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.  We ask, “Why didn’t I learn this sooner?” or “Why did I wait so long to have this much fun?”  Either way, I say – you are exactly where you need to be.  This is your moment!  This is the time you were to see new things.  And this is the time that you are best able to receive all the inflow of information.  When adults sign up for voice lessons, I hear one main reason why they are doing it now. It is: “All my life, someone told me I could not sing.  I am now ready to unbelieve that lie.”

Adult singers make up – Group 1 – of three groups of students in my studio. (In no particular order, I also have Middle and High School students and 7-10 year old singers).  Each age group comes with their own passion, timing and desire to sing.  The adults carry childhood dreams, curiosity from their young adult years and hope for their future.  I learn a lot from adult singing students.  I understand that they are entering a new world of hope.  I am always open for more.