If I ever feel like I am not moscar romero2aking an impact in the world, I only need to look as far as my refrigerator.  On the left side, just above the highly culturally advanced ice machine, is a quote from the late El Salvadorian Archbishop, Oscar Romero.  “Stop worrying about whether you’re effective or important, Worry about what is possible for you to do, Which is always much greater than you imagine!”

Carve out small steps, bite size goals that connect and relate to others.  Take small steps that pursue a larger impact while caring for self and community.  Caring for self is becoming the new way to do what is possible.  Asking the deepest part of me, What was I created for….really? 

If I want to stop hiking around the same mountain, repeating failures, reinventing what is already available and wasting time…. I will consider Romero’s intrusion – begin to see what is possible for me.